Onboarding New Tutors – Part 2: Interviews

You’re ready to hire a tutor and start building your team.  Once the resumes start flowing in, it’s time to conduct some interviews.  You’ll need to narrow your applicants down to your top three to five candidates and then schedule an interview with each one.

There are several things I’m looking for at the interview other than the obvious, which is the candidates’ responses to my questions.  First, did they show up early, on time, or late? I prefer that they show up at least 5 minutes early. This tells me a lot about their punctuality and adherence to schedules.

How are they dressed?  Are they dressed professionally?  Most people dress up for an interview.  This is probably the best dressed you’ll ever see them.  If they come in dressed slouchy for an interview, then I can assure you that they are going to dress even more slouchy when they show up for work each day.  It is important to me that my tutors present themselves in a professional manner.

I start all of my interviews by going over some general information about my tutoring center and how the tutoring process works.  I’ve found this to be really important and it usually answers any questions that they have coming into the interview.

The next step is to ask a series of questions.  I want the applicant to know that I’m serious about teaching and learning.  So, a lot of my questions revolve around this.

I ask them about their previous experience working with students.  The answers can range from teaching to tutoring to babysitting to camp counselor to swim coach.  Basically, I want to know if they have any experience working with the ages of the students we serve.  If they don’t, then this isn’t a deal breaker. But I know that I may need to provide additional training for this tutor.

Other questions are about their short and long-term professional goals, why they want to be a tutor, and how they will build relationships with their students’ parents.  I also ask them curriculum questions that are relevant to the tutoring position that they have applied for.

The final thing I do during the interview is get the applicant to sign a form giving us permission to run a criminal background check.  A background check is required for any candidate that we decide to move forward with the hiring process.

And with that, I thank the candidate for their time, ask them if they have any other questions for me, and then I tell them that I will be in touch.

The interview is an important step in the hiring process.  You will be able to easily gauge the candidate’s readiness and ability to be a tutor.


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