Onboarding New Tutors – Part 5: Employee Handbook

Every business who hires employees has some sort of employee handbook or manual.  This lays out all of your policies and procedures related to your workers. Tutoring centers should be no exception.

So, what should an Employee Handbook for tutors include?

  • Company Information
  • Tutor Expectations
  • General Employment Information
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Tutor Responsibilities & Protocols
  • Professional Behavior

The company information provides some background information about you and your tutoring center.  How long have you been in business? What services do you provide? What are your center’s hours, contact information, and website?

Next, establish the expectations for your tutors.  This will look different for each tutoring center based on how it is operated, but consider things like dependability and reliability, professionalism, punctuality, dress code, and any other general expectations.

When it comes to general employment information, what do your tutors need to know about your business operations?  Think about operational policies, enrollment policies and procedures, communication expectations, and payroll.

Cancellations and reschedules are a big part of running a tutoring center, so I suggest that you have a whole section dedicated to this.  What is your policy regarding cancellations? What is the expectation for tutors? Is there a procedure or protocol they need to follow when a session is canceled or rescheduled?

Next, what are the specific responsibilities and protocols when it comes to being a tutor at your tutoring center?  Are they expected to follow a specific routine during each session? What do they do prior to beginning with a new student?  Is there an expectation for communicating with parents?

And finally, what behaviors are allowed and not allowed?  Do you have a cell phone policy during tutoring sessions? Can your tutors meet their students at places other than your tutoring center?  Can they provide transportation for their students? Think about all of the liability issues that may arise. Address those here.

As you can see, the Employee Handbook has a lot of information that will help ensure your tutor gets off on the right foot.  When they are successful, your tutoring center is successful. And when your tutoring center is successful, your students benefit.  


Are you thinking about opening a tutoring center or scaling your current tutoring business?  Check out our Tutoring Center 101 online course.  I’ll share step-by-step directions that will teach you how to open, operate, and successfully run a profitable tutoring center.


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