How to Promote Your Tutoring Center at Children’s Fairs

Today our team set up a booth at a local children’s fair. The annual event features hands-on STEM activities for children aged 2-12 and brings in over 1200 people. That’s a lot of people for our small mountain town!

Setting up booths at children’s fairs (or any type of fair!) is a great way to promote your tutoring center. So, what makes a great booth?


You’ll need a banner to hang on your table or on the wall. The banner should have the name of your tutoring center and logo on it. You don’t want the banner to be too busy looking. Keep it simple and clean. Your goal is to build brand awareness. If your tutoring center offers multiple services, then I don’t recommend listing all of these services on your banner because your services may change. You don’t want to have to re-print your banner every time you add or discontinue a service. It is more appropriate to put all of that information on the marketing materials that you will hand out to potential clients.

Be prepared to take heavy duty tape, string, and Command™ Hooks. You never know what the setup is going to be like until you get to the event location. Always have an arsenal of materials that you can use to hang your banner regardless of the setup that is made available to you.

Marketing Materials

The whole idea of setting up a booth at a children’s fair is to promote your tutoring center. You’ll want to create a professional-looking display that showcases the services you offer. The best booths have print materials such as flyers, rack cards, and/or brochures. List your services and provide a brief description of each service. Make sure that your website and contact information are highlighted somewhere on your marketing materials. We also give away discount cards. These cards look like business cards but offer a 20% discount for one month of tutoring.

Email List Builder

Fairs are a great way to build your email list. You’ll need to offer something that will make parents want to give you their email address. I suggest doing a drawing for a free tutoring session. Typical entries for drawings require a name, email address, and phone number. After the event is over, we add all of the email addresses to our email list. Then, once we draw a winner, we announce it on Facebook and we send out an email blast announcing the winner. Again, it’s all about building our brand, promoting our services, and generating leads.


Who doesn’t love free stuff??? Now, don’t get too carried away giving away branded promotional materials. It can get expensive fast! But, you do want to have something to giveaway that has your logo or business name on it. This might include pens, pencils, highlighters, stickers, decals, magnets, water bottles, drawstring bags, etc. When you start shopping for these, buy in bulk. Also, search for promo codes before checking out. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save by just doing a quick Google search.


Why should people come to your booth? You’re going to need something to attract them to your table. Since we are typically set up at children’s fairs, we host some kind of activity to attract the kids. With kids, come parents. Parents pay for tutoring. While the kid is engaged in the activity, we tell the parent about our services. Also, the parent gets to see us interact with their kids. This can go a long way!

Setting up booths can be very good for your business. But they need to be well-planned and executed. You don’t want to look like you threw something together at the last minute. More than anything, be sure to SMILE and make a good impression. Hard selling isn’t necessary.

What are some things you’ve done at fairs to increase traffic to your table or booth? Do you have any other ideas? Comment below or share them in our Facebook group.

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