On the Hunt for a New Office Space

I’m in the process of moving my tutoring center to a new location.  This will be the second time we’ve moved but the first time out of the original building where we first started in 2012.  It’s exciting but scary all at the same time.  

Our first location was in a building with multiple 10×10 office spaces that were ideal for therapists, attorneys, bookkeepers, and other really small business owners.  We rented three offices. Two were used for tutoring rooms and one for my office. This worked great during our start-up phase. It was cheap and all of the utilities were included.  Over time, we added additional office spaces but eventually, we ended up needing our own designated space that didn’t consist of a bunch of individual, disconnected office spaces.  

I approached the landlord and there just so happened to be a large, open space coming available in the same building.  He agreed to upfit it to meet our needs. We went from a few individual office spaces to one dedicated office space that included five tutoring rooms, an office for me, a large flex space, and two closets.  I felt like we had hit the jackpot. The best part was that we didn’t have to leave the building.  

Fast forward four more years and that brings us to today.  Again, we’ve outgrown our space, which has left us searching for a new tutoring center space.  Fortunately, I found the perfect place just down the road and after some negotiations, the landlord is currently upfitting the new space. We will now have seven tutoring rooms, a small group tutoring area, a lobby, and a flex space that can be used for large group classes and workshops.  

I’ve spent a lot of days and nights weighing the pros and cons of the new space.  Not to mention a lot of praying. It’s scary taking on more responsibility, working with a new landlord, and taking a leap into the unknown.  The last seven years have been comfortable with minimal risk. Now, we’re stepping up the game. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What questions do you have about finding the perfect location for your tutoring center?  Are you nervous about negotiating a lease? Does a long-term commitment scare you? What about utilities?  Furniture? Blueprints and floorplans? Post your questions in our Facebook group. We’re here to help!